​​Thai Erawan

Our Story

In Ramakien, a popular Thai literary classic, Indra, a graceful green skinned god of rain rode on a mountain-sized elephant named Erawan. Erawan, the noblest of elephant was a magical gift from God Shiva to God Indra. Erawan elephant's said to be the most powerful of all. Described as a huge elephant with silvery white body of 33 head's each head has 7 long ivory tusks. Each of his tusks is 16 million meters long, so huge that it can house 7 large lotus ponds, within each tusk also live thousands of angels and their servants. It's quite rare to see the full version of Erawan elephant with 33 heads, instead, many artist prefer to draw Erawan as a 3 headed elephant instead. The extremely rare silvery white and grey elephant commanded the very highest respect in Buddhist areas. It graced the center of the flag of ancient Siam, now modern Thailand. Erawan carries the god of rain to bring plenty to the people. We hope Erawan will bring plenty to you, our patrons, and that you enjoy the exotic cuisine, tastes and varieties of herbs, spices and flavorings of Thailand